About Us

Welcome to Lower Whitsleigh Farm Rare Breed Meat. Lower Whitsleigh Farm is a family run Smallholding Farm, nestling in the heart of North Devon.  Sam, Andy, Emily & Oscar are passionate about producing ethically, great tasting, high quality meat.

The Pigs

Lower Whitsleigh Farm pork is home bred from happy, healthy free range, rare breed Tamworth Pigs helping us to produce amazing sausages and bacon, ensuring complete traceability. There is no added fat or nasty’s in our sausages! Our products are free from antibiotics, growth promoters, and are low in food miles. Most of all, everything we produce is done with great care, common sense and devotion to quality. Our animals live stress-free outdoor lives in fields and pastures. As a result, we keep happy healthy animals. Although this takes a lot longer to finish, it gives an exceptional eating quality second to none. Unfortunately, this is not the norm. The overwhelming majority of pork produced and sold in the UK does not come from free-range pigs. We firmly believe a free-range life is important because pigs are outdoor animals. They can freely indulge in their natural behaviours; rooting and foraging, roaming and snoozing under trees. Keeping them indoors (intensively, where there are many of them confined together) does not allow them to be pigs. It’s cheaper, but it’s not a proper pig’s life. We use a local, small abattoir, the animals have a short journey time, therefore reducing the levels of stress to the animals. Happy pig means better pork on your plate. This is also reducing the amount of food miles onto the end product.

Their Diets

We feed the pigs on cereal pellets which helps them grow and provides much-needed protein. It is feed (non-GM) grown and milled locally. This is substituted by their daily rooting on the farm giving acorns, beech nuts and other treats. They also cheerfully chomp their way through windfall apples and pomace (fruit pulp)

Our Ethos

Our firm ethos is happy and well cared pigs, which leads to good old fashioned farm reared pork. Plenty of Crispy Crackling with no added nasties!

The Meat

Free-Range means our pigs roam as they please. They build muscle over time as they climb the hills on the smallholding. Being Rare-Breed means the animals are perfectly suited to our climate and thrive outdoors with their snouts in the soil. Rare Breed pigs have a greater fat percentage than commercial pork you’ll find in a supermarket as the trend has been to treat fat as the enemy. It isn’t and it is necessary for flavour. The comment we hear most is that the meat we produce tastes like they remember it tasting many years ago.  

In terms of taste, free-range, Rare Breed meat gives you three great benefits– it’s richly flavoured, darker meat quite unlike supermarket meat, it has the best crackling you’ve ever tasted and you won’t need additional fat or oil to stop it drying out in the oven. We don’t do grey cardboard pork chops here!

Our Farm Shop

We offer fantastic Pork Boxes ideal for the freezer, or for a present for your loved ones! They offer great value for money with around a 15% saving off of our normal retail prices.  As well as pork boxes we also sell our products individually and offer Highland Beef Boxes.

Rare Breed Pork Favourites Box - £59.95

Our pork boxes contain a selection of Lower Whitsleigh Farms Finest cuts of Pork.

1 x 1.8kg Pork Shoulder

1 x 1.8kg Pork Leg

1 x 500g Pork Tenderloin

4 x 300g Pork Chops (In packs of 2)

1 x 6 Pork & Apple Sausages

Tamworth Half Pig Big Box £155.00

This box is great for a family / group to use over time. Or maybe share with friends as there are two of each joint. The meat will fill approximately two drawers of an average-sized upright freezer.

Two shoulder joints(around. 2kg each)

Two Leg joints (around 1.8kg each)

Belly pork two joints of belly pork (around 1kg each)

Pork chops twelve chunky-cut loin chops

Sausageshand-made farmhouse pork sausages (6 packs of 6)

Tamworth Quarter Pig Box £80.00

This box is great for a family / group to use over time. Or maybe share with friends as there are two of each joint.

Shoulder joint (around 2kg)

Leg joint (around 1.8kg)

Belly pork – joint of belly pork (around 1kg)

Pork chops six chunky-cut loin chops (300g each)

Sausages – hand-made farmhouse pork sausages (4 packs of 6)

Tenderloin (around 1kg)


The Breakfast Box £20.00

Proudly presenting the Lower Whitsleigh Farm Breakfast with eggs from our own rescue Free Range Hens, all that’s left to you is the toast.

12 x Pork & Apple Sausages

2 Packs of  Back Bacon Sliced (min. 6 slices)

12 x  Farm Free Range Eggs 

The Sausage Box £20.00

Sausages are synonymous with our story. We know how to use just the right amount of pork shoulder and belly for flavour and succulence.
A selection of our classics:

12 x Pork & Apple

12 x Honey Pork Sausages

The Sausage & Bacon Box £20.00

Sausages are synonymous with our story. We know how to use just the right amount of pork shoulder and belly for flavour and succulence.

Two packs of traditional Tamworth bacon (6 slices each)

Pork & Apple Sausages & Honey Pork Sausages Rare Breed Delicious Tamworth Pork Sausages (2 pork and apple and 1 honey)

Highland Grass-Fed Beef Boxes

We have partnered with our good friends Jonny & Pete Symons to bring you beautiful grass fed Highland Beef. Jonny & Pete have been raising cattle for over 50 years and have supplied restaurants and butchers throughout North Devon.

For the first time SJ Symons Farm are offering some of their our own meat for sale to the general public. Highland beef boxes from their own cattle reared on their family farm.  
They started the farm so that they could grow and eat the best quality, ethically raised food they could possibly get. With the ultimate care and attention paid to the welfare of the animals they eat.

Their story..

The cattle is at the heart of everything we do at SJ Symons Farm; their well being and welfare is of upmost importance to us. Highland Cattle are a native breed which are tough and hardy. They thrive living out on our meadows all year round, through all weathers. They are a smaller, slower growing beef breed and this combined with their grass based diet creates beautifully, marbled beef, full of flavour.

In this day and age of mass food production, we value the traceability of our product.  You can be confident that your beef will come straight from our farm to your home. Our grass reared, high quality, local beef has been hung creating excellent taste and flavour.

Beef boxes will only be available on a pre-order basis, and not continually all year around. We feel that this makes them even more special!

Grass Reared Beef Box: £120 (min 10kg)

2kg Mince
2kg Chuck steak
1½ kg Rump/ sirloin / fillet steaks (mixture)
4½ kg Brisket/topside / silverside joints (mixture)

Tamworth Sausages

Lower Whitsleigh Farm swusages are packed full of flavour. Hand made using shoulder and belly pork, only pure ingredients and no rubbish. Available in packs of 6.

Our pork and apple sausages are incredibly popular. They are just the right size, full of tasty goodness and you know you’re feeding your family with natural wholesome food.

Our famous Tamworth sausages
6 Sausages – £5
12 Sausages – £10

Tamworth Bacon

Rare breed Tamworth free range back bacon.
Delicious, tastes and cooks just like bacon should do!

Approx 6 slices per pack £4.50

Free Range Pork Tenderloin

Trimmed prime fillet of Tamworth pork. The pork tenderloin, also called pork fillet or gentleman’s cut, is a long thin cut of pork.
£5.50 per 500g    £11.00 per 1kg.

Pork Leg Joints

The pork leg is a roasting special, ideal for pot roasting and boasting the rich, succulent flavour that makes our free range pork so special. The dry aging process concentrates the porky taste of the meat, which is by virtue of the strict use of native breed pork reared on a rich diet and being allowed to mature at their own pace.

£18 – Leg joints (around 1.7kg)

Pork Shoulder Joints

Free Range Tamworth Pork Shoulder Joint

Slow-roasted, this is a very juicy cut thanks to its great fat marbling. This is the cut of choice for the very best pulled pork with crispy crackling.

£19.50 – Shoulder joints available (around 1.8kg)

Free Range Pork Chops

4 x 300g £12.00

2 x 300g £6.00

Thick cut juicy pork chops on the bone with a lovely layer of fat – our pork chops are succulent and full of flavour.

Free Range Pork Belly

Belly of Tamworth with rib bones remaining. Amazing flavour.
500g £4.50
1kg £9.00

How To Order

If you’d like to place an order for some amazing rare breed pork boxes or joints, sausages, bacon, or even a half or whole pig, then please contact us. All items can be picked up directly from the farm, or we can deliver to your door free of charge within a 8 mile radius, just let us know your address when you place your order (we are at EX19 8TU).

Please call us on 01805 603909 and we will talk through any orders and requests with you.

Producing great meat is all about raising the finest animals in the best environment possible. Lower Whitsleigh Farm Sam & Andy