We have a wide selection of salads to choose from and if you don’t see what you like, let us know and we’ll try and supply you with something more suited to your taste.
Please note that all salads are served at room temperature and all our salads are suitable for vegetarians

Mixed Salad

North Devon Hog Roasts Salad

Seasonal lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cherry tomatoes with a balsamic dressing


North Devon Hog Roast Salads

The perfect accompaniment. Home made creamy crunchy coleslaw – on your roll, potato or just by the side!

Caesar Salad

North Devon Hog Roast Salads

Romaine lettuce and croutons topped with parmesan in a tangy Caesar salad dressing

Roast Vegetables Couscous

North Devon Hog Roast Cous Cous

A delicious vegetarian or vegan option! A mixture of roasted garlic, peppers, red onion, courgette, cherry tomatoes added to couscous in a balsamic and honey glaze

Tomato and Mozzarella

North Devon Hog Roast Salads

Well sourced beef tomatoes and red onion, sliced and interspersed with hand torn Buffalo Mozzarella. Drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, seasoned with rock salt, cracked black pepper and hand torn Basil

Want Something Different?

North Devon Hog Roast Salads

If you’re looking for different types of salads, please get in touch by emailing us or contacting our office and we’ll see what we can whip up for you